How To Make Gravlax

Gravlax is a delicious Nordic dish of which you very well may have never heard. It consists of raw salmon cured in dill, sugar, and salt. It is usually an appetizer, and is accompanied by sauce, bread, or boiled potatoes. It is a great option to spice things up, so to speak; most people will

How To Make Seafood Tagliatelle

Seafood Tagliatelle is a dish that can be served as a main dish, or an appetizer. Many people pair this dish with a cold glass of their favorite white wine. Ingredients 500 g. Tagliatelle pasta 500 g. prawns 3 Tbs. olive oil Frying pan with lid Colander 500 g. clams 400 ml. white wine 500

How To Make Bread And Butter Pudding

Bread and butter pudding is a down home favorite of many and knowing how to make it is simpler than you may have ever imagined. Though it does have a few steps, they are easy to follow and all lead to a great pudding that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Ingredients

How To Cook Herring Roe

Herring roe is most often available in whole herring fish in the late spring. Both male and female herring carry pockets of rich and versatile roe that is appropriate for gourmet cooking, but the male variety most closely resembles the texture and flavour of the meat of the adult fish. Female roe is identified as

How To Make King Prawns With Garlic

Want huge flavor in a hurry? With children returning to school and families being busier than ever, being able to prepare a delicious meal without a lot of prep time is a must. What could be better than king prawns with garlic? King prawns with garlic that is quick and easy to make! With a

How To Make Chicken Marsala

Ingredients ½ cup of all-purpose flour 4 4oz boneless and skinless chicken breast 2 cups of fresh mushrooms 1 tablespoon of olive oil 4 tablespoons of butter 1 cup of Marsala wine 1 cup of chicken stock 1 tablespoon of fresh ground black pepper 2 tablespoons of salt 2 ½ tablespoons of paprika 2 tablespoons

How To Make Chicken Cordon Bleu

Let’s face it, casseroles are the unsung heroes when it comes to the cooking world. At first we may grimace at the fact that we are having a casserole. The experience of a bad casserole has happened to all of us and being faced with a one dish meal brings back some of those bad

How To Make Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon is the perfect comfort food for a bad day or a rainy weekend. It can be a meal in itself or pairs well with noodles or rice. It should also be noted, that nothing can match that sense of accomplishment you will feel after successfully mastering this traditional French stew. Time: Prep time:

How To Make Tuna Sashimi With Apple Purée

Tuna sahimi with apple puree is a Japanese dish that is served as an appetizer, or for a great snack. This can help inspire someone to indulge in authentic Japanese cooking at home. Ingredients 200 g. fresh tuna 1 Tbs chives Green apple 3 radishes 1 Tbs wasabi powder 2 Tbs sesame oil Grater 2

How To Make Leek, Walnut And Goat’s Cheese Tart

Leak, Walnut, and Goat’s Cheese Tart is a very rich tart that is wholesome and perfect with a green salad or a nice piece of bread. Either way, it is a great meal to serve for breakfast, dinner, or lunch depending on what your specific preferences are. The following is a quick guide to help

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